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Personal Training Career and Fitness Philosophy

He also works part-time as a personal trainer in his home-based studio. He specializes in bodybuilding and overall fitness and serves clients in New Jersey and New York City.

He is keenly interested in adult and developmental fitness. Fitness can help adults improve their brain health, manage their weight better, boost their immune system, fight high blood pressure, strengthen muscles and bones, and improve the quality of their lives.

Unfortunately, The National Center for Health Statistics, charting ever-increasing weight and obesity rates, has said that nearly two-thirds of all adults today are overweight and almost one-third are obese. As a personal trainer, Mullins coaches those he trains to change some of these sedentary and overweight patterns.

Weightlifting Championships

Mullins is a local champion weight lifter and bodybuilder. His competitive events include bench press,, back squat, deadlift, and a 5K run. He won the 2009 U.S. National Masters Olympic Weightlifting Championship, breaking the U.S. National Olympic weightlifting record for 85-kilogram lifters with a clean and jerk of 143 kg. He also took the bronze medal at the 2010 World Masters Games in New York City, when he snatched 110 kg and jerked 136 kg. He has also broken various state clean and jerk records. Mullins also has been competitively active in the Nobull Crossfit games, where he has ranked in the Top 900 lifters in the United States and top 1250 in the world.

Mullins can continue to weight train despite having several injuries in his athletic career, including to knees, biceps, and hamstrings. When he completed surgery to reattach his right bicep muscle, the doctor told him he would never lift again. However, he rehabilitated his arm and broke many of his weightlifting records after the surgery. Because of knee injuries, he also has learned to lift while using as little of his leg as possible. Because of the injuries, he has sustained his training program, and his training instruction focuses on lifting safety.

He holds a degree in holistic fitness and nutrition.

Childhood and Early Adulthood

Mullins was born into a middle class family and spent many of his younger years in New york. In school and college, Mullins excelled in science, philosophy, and political science courses. He attended Hackensack High School, where he was elected to Tri-M musical honors society.

He began weightlifting at age 12, winning the school-age Western National Championship at 48, 52, and 56 kg. He also won the Junior National Championship at 67.5 kilograms. Unfortunately, he developed Osgood-Schlatter Disease in his left knee because of lifting at such as young age. The injury occurs from repetitive stress or tension at the upper growth area of the tibia. With the injury, Mullins no longer could do squat lifts, so he stopped competing for a while.

Wrestling Accomplishments

Mullins switched to collegiate olympic wrestling and attained a scholarship in New Jersey. He trained largely in Hackensack and North Jersey. He injured his hamstring in a collegiate championship and went on to receive a degree in business management from Bergen Community College and continued education at Montclair State University.

Hobbies and Interests

In his leisure time, Mullins also enjoys hiking, both for the fitness aspect and the closeness to nature. He also is a self-taught musician and avid guitar player.

Mullins enjoys reading, technology, video games, and learning foreign languages.


Mullins also has developed a particular interest in Eastern philosophy, which he applies in all aspects of his life, whether sales training, weightlifting, playing music, providing personal training, or taking hikes. Eastern philosophy focuses on people's actions and thoughts toward finding meaning in life as they try to get rid of the false "me" concept and find meaning in discovering the true "me" in relation to everything around them or as part of a bigger scheme. Western philosophy tends to be more individualistic.

"I encourage others to see the value within themselves and strive toward a life that they know matters," he says.


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